Phone: 0276373032
Education: Bachelor of Creative Industries at Bay of Plenty Polytechnic (Visual Arts Major).

Scott Boardman is 27 years old, New Zealand born, originally from Hamilton and has resided in Tauranga with his family for 19 years.

Scott identifies as a multidisciplinary artist, working across mediums and platforms, including moving image, sculpture, photography and performance. Scott has stated that his creative practice is driven by and centered in studies of, and investigations into the self-concept, or a “who I am” type of enquiry. It is this area of exploration that Scott believes enables him to create narratives. Scott places importance on the work having a strong narrative, rather than it being ultimately a conversation about the object itself, or issue centered, or, purely conceptual driven.

Speaking of his practice, Scott states, “My art is inspired from films and certain parts of my life. Having a humorous side to a work is valuable too, it loosens up the experience."