Souslov: Unique, no copies, hand made in NZ

The artist ideas and inspiration come from observing marine life and whimsical sea creatures, as well as from dreams and fantasies dating as far back as his childhood. He had finished Art School and Institute in Russia and lives in Auckland.

Serge uses a unique technique: combining the best of NZ wood together with bronze brazed onto copper shapes, using semiprecious gems and jewelers techniques he transforms simple materials into stunning sculptures.

This means each of his art creations is one of a kind. No copies. 
Each piece is handmade, polished and protected against tarnishing.

His gold glowing creations are fitting to be the centerpiece in any home interior design (lounge, by fireplace, entrance, bedrooms) or any restaurant/business.

They are the perfect gift for fishermen or yachtsmen. Each work has its name stamped on the copper tag and signed Certificate.

His works are exhibited at Art Galleries and sold in New Zealand and overseas.

To see more his creations please visit: