Ko te marama o te Aroha,ka tae a tu koe ki na Rangi...terangipikitia.Taku waahi noho...Ko kopuairoa te Maunga,ko Waitao te awa.Ko Mataatua te waka,ko Ngaiterangi te Iwi.Ko Ngapotiki te Hapu,ko Tahuwhakatiki te Marae.Te kainga o toku Hoa Rangatira (Hori Rameka) me te whanau.

I am Juliet Terangipikitia Rameka(nee) Tait, born in Rotorua 25/09/1950. My Māori name Terangipikitia,has two meanings
Climb to the Heavens or paint the Heavens.

As far back as I can remember there was always something or somebody not of this reality that would awaken me in the night, I could see them scary as!! I decided there and then to block them but I couldnt so I created this window in my mind.

They would then pop in and out and I could paint them.

I am self taught and I read a lot off books about art, one especially called “Drawing the Light Within” by Judith Cornell, was inspirational to me.

I am a painter of the spiritual Realms, color, light and vibrational healing paintings...

na reira, noho ora mai koutou I raro I te manaakitanga o te Runga Rawa...

Tihei mauri ora...

Born from the stars put together by the dreams of my imagination from the ancestors of past and present.

Within those dreams

I have travelled to the

Realms of the Golden

People and swam in

their pool of embracement

as I looked down into the clear waters of Civilisation.

I was taken to the hilltops where horses become clouds wrapping around me to whisper me into the winds of thought.

Greeted by three white whales who championed the borders of my lagoon to introduce me to their new joy of life that all things imaginary or dreamt have a purpose in telling their story and this is mine.

My journey with the Star Family (Whanau Whetu) Te Aorererangi my guardian of the white and yellow light of Cosmic energy...Be well...sol (Soul of Light)

Faith is the centre-piece of a connected life. It allows us to live by the grace of invisible strands.

It is a belief in a wisdom Superior to our own Faith becomes a teacher in the absence of fact

(Terry Tempest Williams)