My ethos Avid traveller and citizen in a world without boundaries, I'm a self-taught photographer and artist.

I enjoy capturing what I encounter along the way and photographs allow me to share these long after the moment has passed.

Every once in a while I’ll capture an image that truly resonates within me. It may not be technically savvy or even a well composed shot, but there can be so much more to a photograph than this.

On film, it could be the relief that your image actually exposed at all. It could be a fleeting moment that may likely never ever happen again, ever! It could be the journey that led you to that particular destination and that one epic point in time, or even the company you shared it with.

Photos evoke different emotions in all of us. Recreating a far off distant memory or taking you on a journey of your own. No matter what series of photos I post, everyone will have their own favourite and appreciate that image for many different reasons.

Different people see different things and that’s what I love about sharing my work. I never expect anyone to like one of my photos for the same reasons I do, I just want you to have the conversations in your head. That is what art is about. Creating curiosities and soliciting a reaction in you.

Although less convenient, I like to shoot on film. I enjoy the unrefined, raw and rustic appearance of the finished product. I find when shooting film, I’m more appreciative of my environment. I spend less time looking through the lens and more time taking in the sights and sounds around me.