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Greg Taylor is definitely pleased he listened to the advice of his Mother.

Although she recognised he will most likely be a product of the inaugural ATI Graphic Art and Design course, she asked him to make a commitment to develop his drawing and painting skills even though he may have to take the money for a while from the commercial art world.

Greg's career path, whether it is through portraiture or landscape, is recognisable by the fundamental techniques of painting he learned at ATI. He says viewers often mistake this for originality. He relates how his mother, who was a renowned student at Elam School of Fine Arts, only gave him one other piece of advice. "Get understanding of how tonal values work in a painting.”

Observing this is an on going pursuit for Greg who begins all his works with pencil or charcoal sketches on inexpensive paper. He sees all works as ideas, concepts that have some relevance to him. Greg adds that this is how he explores what the light is revealing to him.

The temperature (colour), perspective (story) and composition (elements) have to begin to work for that idea before he starts painting. He wants his viewers to enjoy the results as much as he does.