Born in The Netherlands in 1970 Jeanette moved to New Zealand in 2006 with her husband and three daughters.

Her artistic journey began during a visit to her home country in 2010 when she, by chance, ended up at an art workshop facilitated by Kathe Ruyssenaars. It only took that one lesson to ignite an uncontrollable desire to create more. Back in New Zealand she felt reborn and painted “Renaissance” with which she placed 2 nd at a local art competition.She then decided to take art classes and workshops with Maree White and Adrienne Ranson. In August 2016, she was a finalist at the prestigious bi-annual Miles Art Awards.

She is the tutor of an afterschool art class for primary school children and facilitates workshops for adults in Intuitive Painting. Jeanette is an intuitive, expressive painter. In her work she lets herself be guided by colours and emotions resulting in paintings vibrating with energy. She likes to discover what the painting tells her; sometimes she has to dig deep, other times the images present themselves as if they have been waiting for someone to portray them.