A self taught wax and mixed media artist, Jo's artistic career began in London.

Relocating to New Zealand in 2014, Jo is continuing to work in a new and inspirational environment and is looking forward to how this might translate within her artwork.

Jo specialises in wax paintings, however also works with oils and acrylics.

Painting from an expressive perspective her paintings are transcendent as many aspects of a subject are explored to determine how best to translate it.

Working with wax adds a different dimension to working with acrylic or oil paints. Colours stay true and all of the works are made up, literally built up, of several layers. The texture has a very sensual feel, tactile and plastic and visually three dimensional. It dries quickly so Jo is very involved with the medium and engaged on a quite emotional level, transforming ideas into shapes and colours.

Even though it requires a great deal of technical control, it is personally freeing. The feeling of what she wants to represent often comes through for her quickly as she works, especially when working with the energy of an idea.

The wax works can be vibrant and dramatic, an expression of energy from an idea or subject. There is a constant exploration of balance - light and dark, emotions and the challenges of human existence. Often inspired by music, a piece of music can often be the subject itself.

Commissions are accepted.

FLAGSTAFF GALLERY (current), Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand
MACANDMOR GALLERY (current), Tauranga, New Zealand, From March 2016
ART LOUNGE GALLERY, Tauranga, New Zealand, From October 2016

Dry Dock Cafe, Tauranga, New Zealand, MARCH 2016
NEW ART, FRESH START, Creative Tauranga Simpson Grierson Gallery New Zealand, JAN - FEB 2016
LIGHTEN UP Group Exhibition, Zeus Gallery, Tauranga NZ, DEC 2015

Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK, MAY 2014

London Underground Installation, Oxford Circus Station Platform, APRIL 2013

The Other Art Fair, London, APRIL 2013

Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, 2010