Phone: 022-039-5048
Artist – Drawing/Digital Painting

Tutor – Private and Classes

Kris is a local artist/tutor and is currently collaborating as an illustrator with local writer, Jan Goldie, on a children’s picture book. Kris is the founder and tutor of Inklings Art & Anime Classes – a course that consists of 9 weekly classes - which runs each term of the year, held on Tuesdays in Tauranga and Wednesdays in Papamoa.

As a child Kris was fascinated with Manga/Japanese-styled cartoons but found that when he looked for instruction in drawing it, explanations were limited and crucial steps were missing – many of his questions went unanswered. After many years of developing his skills, he is excited to present his techniques in clear, concise, well-explained steps – and give others a head-start in achieving attractive and proportionate drawings.

The Inklings Art & Anime Class is presented mainly in anime/cartoon form to capture the attention of children and anime enthusiasts, and to offer a style that is different from most art teachers. However, the skills learned in this course do not limit the students to just drawing comics or cartoons – they can be applied to portraiture and other accurate art styles.

Kris also privately tutors in drawing and digital painting. He has experience with and enjoys tutoring both children and adults with A-typical learning styles and those on the autism spectrum also.

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