Phone: 02102548597
I am a figurative artist, born and raised in Tauranga and now settled here with my family.

My work is often inspired by faces and the expressions and idiosyncrasies that make each one of us unique. I predominantly paint in acrylic on canvas, but my style is constantly evolving and changing as I explore new techniques and mediums.

In some of my work I have experimented with working on ply as I like the translucent quality of having the woodgrain shine through the negative spaces.

In more recent work I have been illustrating local Maori legends in water colour pencil on paper. These illustrations will be printed on to wooden jigsaws and sold as a fundraising initiative for Maungaarangi Kindergarten in Welcome Bay. In my next body of work I hope to expand on the same legends, but in greater detail and on a much larger scale.

To view full images of my work, please visit my website