My name is Millie, I am 32 years old from France, living in Te Puke since 2015.

I was born with a pencil in my hand, into a family where no-one was involved in art. I had to do my own art education for a while and work hard at school to be able to rejoin a very selective Art high school. Then, at 18 years old, I started studying at fashion school in Paris. Out of the graduates, I was awarded the laureate for creativity by a panel of professional judges after gaining my Bachelor's degree.

After completing extensive and rigorous education and starting a fruitful career in fashion design, my curiosity and desire to grow led me to reorient my career to other creative fields for a few years. I am a free-lance illustrator, painter, muralist since 2010.

I work with mixed media, always exploring new ways to express myself, doing a lot of drawings by hand, completed by digital work.

I work with intuitive lines, letting my brain talk through my hands, trying at the beginning of the process to not control what will happen. My work can be read in several ways. One image can hide a lot of different ideas or symbols, that is what people usually like, having several images within one.