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-Positive energy and healing through art. -
“Intuitive art SPEAKS when words have no form or shape. For me, creating ART is an expressive means to channel creative energy and our EMOTIONS on canvas. I believe in the divine healing power of art for the artist and viewer. Art connects us.”

ARTIST IN HEART - Mira is an abstract energy artist and a naturally intuitive and creative person with a passion for expression, colours and nature that she believes brings balance and healing in our lives. She enjoys exploring emotions in her art and is passionate about helping people through creativity. Born in Slovakia (ex- Czechoslovakia) where she have had love for art since early childhood and have attended an art school since the age of six and has a diploma in Art and Photography. She received her first international award from the International Art Exhibition in Japan at the age of eleven and has exhibited in Europe and in New Zealand.

UK LIFE - Mira moved to the UK at the age of twenty-two where she enjoyed the freedom of expression, worked with children and in airline and event management for corporate companies, which allowed her to travel worldwide and fulfilled another of her passion – travel and meeting new people. During her years in the UK, Mira was part of several art exhibitions in London where she met her kiwi husband, a fellow artist and photographer Brian M Smith. While living in London, she also took on counselling psychology (Intermediate Certificate) and tourism studies (British Airways Certificate), subjects that also interest her.

NZ LIFE - After immigrating to New Zealand in 2012 and couple challenging years settling down in a new country, her passion for creating art and to inspire and encourage people through creativity became stronger and two years later she pursued her long term dream by opening her own gallery “The Art Lounge NZ”
in Taupo (2014). Mira and her husband relocated to Tauranga early 2016, the town she felt in love on her first visit to New Zealand (back in 2015) and the gallery was re-born again! The gallery features NZ artists’ work including Mira’s abstract art, Brian’s photography, monthly art exhibitions, inspiring art workshops & events.

MIRA’S INTUITIVE ART represents the inner vision, our dreams, our energy, connecting in various forms and the power of positive thinking. She gets inspired by the vibrancy of energy around us, the beauty of pure nature, love and connection to the universe. Her art is created intuitively, mostly from her inner vision using mixed media painting techniques combined with layers of fine quality paints and different textures.The ambiance of the painting is emotive and vibrant in colour with several layers of paint and various textures accompanied with a Certificate of the Authenticity & a positive message or a poem at the back of the painting.

LIFE GOAL - Mira’s life goal is to spread the positive vibes, healing through art and to inspire and encourage others through art and creativity. She enjoys tutoring inspiring, expressive workshops she runs at her gallery.

Several pieces of Mira’s art are in private collections in Europe, USA, Mexico and NZ. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and her art can be mostly seen at The Art Lounge NZ, 32 Devonport Rd.- Tauranga.