The past 5 years have been a journey in learning how to engage and work with harakeke flax or phormium tenax as part of a greater voyage of discovery about roots and a deeper sense of cultural identity gained through practice of the art form of raranga or Maori weaving. The techniques employed are primarily hand crafting as opposed to the use of machines or weaving looms.

I started my work primarily with harakeke flax while studying at Te Wananga o Aotearoa in 2012 and gradually moved into use of the more complex fibre muka as I became more adept at the use of both mediums.

I also love to utilise contemporary mediums such as cotton, acrylic and wool. More recently and again as a student at the former Bay of Plenty Polytechnic I relished the opportunity to experiment with machining of textiles and use of other mediums and techniques.

My inspirations come primarily from the natural world and my creations are expressions of matter originating in spirit that is given physical form.

I love the connective grounding and outlet provided through engagement with natural mediums and the versatility of form and texture that working in harakeke and muka creates but I also love to play with contemporary fibres, technologies and techniques that enhance innovation and extension of form.

My favourite forms are those that grace the human body.