I am no longer the child I was at three, nor the adult I was at twenty-three. Neither are you.

We grow, we explore, we change. Children have an innate inclination to explore their environments, whether it be the kitchen cupboards or the snails in the garden. Exploration is a driving force for learning and expanding horizons though current systems often stifle this when children get to school. When we no longer explore new tastes, new sounds, new sights, new ways of doing things, new dishes, new music, new places, new methods of producing whatever it is we produce, we no longer expand our horizons.

When I was a child of three I enjoyed wading in the water and looking at caterpillars, when I was twenty-three I learned new chord structures in the music I made. I still do these things, I have added more activities to them, not discarded and replaced them. And so it is for me as an 'Artist'. I naturally explore different ways of working, new approaches that produce different results. It does not mean I no longer work in ways I have previously, it merely means I have added to them.

The NZ on a Palette Exhibition displays a number of ways that I have approached subjects in recent times.