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Tuesday, 14 May 2019 15:13

Many Facets: Elizabeth Haider (exhibition) - 18 May to 4 June 2019

When: 18 May - 4 June

Where: The Incubator Gallery - Historic Village, 17th Ave, Tauranga

Elizabeth HAIDER, sculptor, printmaker, and painter.
A sculptor of long standing, Elizabeth began Art School at the age of 16 in Holland in sculpture and continued her art education in colleges in Germany and the UK. She acquired a Masters in Printmaking and Illustration at Saint Martins School of Art, London; Sculpture – Ceramics at the Anglian Ruskin University, Cambridge and Creative Entrepreneurship, Norwich University.

Elizabeth was fortunate enough to be given residencies at the International Ceramic Workshop Tokoname, Japan, for which she was selected from over 300 applicants, for 8 weeks and a residency by an Artists Commune in Norwich for 3 months. Her working career was spent at BBCTV as a scenic designer designing TV and film sets for over 25 years. As a qualified landscaper she also designed gardens in Norfolk, UK.

Over time my artistic career has had many turns. I have accumulated many skills which all help in my work as an all-round artist; often the lines between several disciples get blurred.
Through my background I naturally think big and I learned from working in tv and film that nothing is impossible. If you don’t get the right result, you haven’t asked the right questions and found the right answers.
I am not a weaver. Weavers weave a whale. I am a sculptor. I build a whale. There is much construction involved in the production of a whale, knowledge that weavers may not have, but a sculptor does.

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  • Event Date: 18 May - 4 June