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Photos & Coffee with Kim Westerskov - First Tuesday of every month

When: First Tuesday of every month | 7pm - 10pm

Where: Email for more information

Free informal meeting with photography tutor Kim Westerskov.

Learn how to get great photos with Kim Westerskov’s photo workshops in Tauranga. Kim has helped many hundreds of photographers [from beginners to professionals] and he’d love to help you too. Kim’s philosophy is to make it all as simple as possible and as much fun as possible. He is passionate about photography and passionate about inspiring, guiding, and supporting photographers.

Kim is a professional photographer, writer & photographer of 18 books, marine biologist and photography teacher. He is 5 times winner at the BBC “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” competition, the world’s largest and most prestigious nature photography competition. Kim teaches and inspires through photo workshops, private tuition,  mentoring, and regular “Photos & Coffee” evenings.

  • “I was thrilled with my photos, thank you. It opens a whole new world!! Kim provides wonderful workshops which not only develop skills but also help you see the magic in almost any moment”. Vicki Ostler
  • “You did a brilliant job dealing with a subject matter that has lots of issues and complexities and kept it simple yet detailed enough to be interesting throughout”. Rob Stephenson
  • “Many, many thanks for a great and very inspiring weekend and of course, the personal tuition – extremely helpful”.  Lyn Lang.
  • “Although Kim is a photographer with international acclaim, he seems to have a genuine interest in helping beginners and he is good at it. [He has] a really great way of teaching beginners – which is amazing”. Heather Firth

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  • Event Date: First Tuesday of every month