Tuesday, 05 March 2019 14:20

TEDxTauranga Volunteer Opportunities - Marketing

With 16 weeks to go until TEDxTauranga on Saturday 22nd June, the team at TEDxTauranga are looking for some marketing assistance.

About TEDxTauranga:

  • We are a group of passionate, unpaid volunteers
  • We come together for 10 months to prepare our 1 day TEDxTauranga experience
  • Collectively we donate about 10,000 hours every year
  • We believe that TEDxTauranga is an essential part of Tauranga’s event calendar
  • Our mission is to improve the world, improve our city, improve ourselves


There are 4 Marketing Team Volunteer Roles available:

  1. Media Liaison
    • Pitch to journalists with ideas for news stories about us
    • Set schedule, placement and content of in-kind advertising offered to us
  2. Networking Coordinator
    • Identify Tauranga's biggest employers and groups (Lions, Retirement Villages, Rotary, networking groups, etc.)
    • Create content (the best TED talks, details about our events) for them to share with their networks via email
  3. Volunteer Coordinator
    • Enroll a group of students/volunteers to pin up flyers/posters in CBDs (including out of town)
    • Organise locations, set targets
    • Arrange printing and distribution
    • Coordinate volunteers
  4. Online Presence Coordinator
    • Become members of our list of Tauranga-based Facebook groups (and find others), and post occasional updates about TEDxTauranga
    • Work through our list of website that list local events and add our details


Here's what happens next:

  1. Fill in this application form and indicate which role(s) suit you best
  2. The marketing lead, Liz, will give you a quick call to answer any questions you have
  3. Liz will invite you to our next meeting to find out more 


5 things you need to know about us (TEDxTauranga):

  1. We put in 2 to 8 hours per week each
    • The time you volunteer for this project is completely up to you

  2. We ask for help when we need it
    • If you take on a task, we ask that you simply complete it when you said you would or hand it back to your team leader to reassign
    • Never be afraid to ask for help at any point

  3. We love to get together often, usually twice a month
    • 3rd Tuesday of every month (5.30pm): The whole TEDxTauranga team gets together
    • 1st Tuesday and 3rd Tuesday of every month (7.00pm): Our marketing team meets in person or via Skype

  4. We generate a lot of email
    • It can overwhelm some people
    • But our situation has improved now that we are using BaseCamp software

  5. We don't get paid for this
    • None of us do. Not even the speakers or entertainers!
    • We all do it for reasons like:
      • Contributing to something awesome
      • Learning new skills
      • Learning about yourself
      • Making 30 new friends instantly
      • Making new business connections
      • Changing the world

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