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2019 SociaLink "Legacy Trust ‘Art With Purpose’ Award"

'Opening the blinds on The Real Life Of Us'

Installation Art Award 
- $500 towards creation of the installation 
- $1000 cash prize

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Western Bay of Plenty has a proud social service sector with approximately 240 organisations working daily to improve the well-being of individuals, families and our society. At the heart is SociaLink. SociaLink is an umbrella organisation that supports and empowers the social and community sector. SociaLink offers professional development, supports organisations to work collaboratively and undertakes advocacy and research.

SociaLink has produced a series of research reports and videos to raise awareness of social issues in the Western Bay of Plenty and to better understand the social sector. The theme for the launch of this research is 'Opening the blinds on The Real Life Of Us'. Creative Bay of Plenty, SociaLink and Legacy Trust are collaborating to bring forth an artwork that will visually reflect said research, in order to help change societal perceptions and stigma. This will be achieved by raising awareness of people in vulnerable circumstances, as well as the value of social sector providers.

In conjunction with the launch of this new research, CBOP and SociaLink are launching The SociaLink "Legacy Trust ‘Art With Purpose’ Award". Artists are being called to submit a design for an art installation which will help raise awareness of the issues identified in the research.

The artist with the winning design concept will receive $500 to create the installation or artwork (which will be unveiled at the SociaLink launch event on the 9th August 2019) and presented on the day with $1000 cash prize. Following the launch, the installation will also be on display in other areas around the Western Bay of Plenty, sharing its message.

The 2019 SociaLink Research Launch - 'Opening the blinds on The Real Life Of Us’ 

How to enter:

Fill out the application form provided and sign both the application and terms and conditions.

Download Application Form

Email the form to by 5:00pm Friday 12th July 2019

The application form will ask the following: 

1) Choose a theme from the research to base the installation message on. (Click here for more info on the themes) 

Theme 1: WBOP Social Issues – The Real Life of Us

A lot of people are struggling in the Western Bay of Plenty. Vulnerability can come in many forms: living in poverty, experiencing violence, struggling to find affordable and suitable housing, having a disability, being isolated, etc.

Theme 2: Waiting Lists for social and health services

The demand or need for social and health services is far higher than can be currently met by existing services.

Theme 3: Mapping the Social Sector Update, including low pay of workers research

We have a diverse and resourceful social sector which is stretched and under stress. 

2)     Submit an installation concept design sketch

-        (Dimensions of space for the installation are: Height 2100mm x Width 1550mm x Depth 1550mm). Please note installation is required to be free standing.

-        Installation is required to be set up on day of the launch (9th August 2019) and packed down after the launch on the same day.

-        View images of where the initial Installation will be set for inspiration on how you could use the space below.

Include the following info in the design sketch

a.      Materials used
b.      Dimensions
c.      Any electrical components (must be battery operated)

3)     Submit a 200-word artist statement about the artwork installation and its relation to the chosen theme.

4)     Submit an artist bio including examples of previous artistic work, links to social media or website profile.

Download Application Form

Important Dates:

- Friday 12 July 2019 5:00pm - Submissions close

- Monday 15 July 2019 - Judging takes place

- Monday 15 July 2019 - Award winner notified

- Tuesday 16 July 2019 - $500 sent to artist

- Monday 29 July 2019 - Progress photos

- Friday 9 August 2019 - SociaLink launch (install, prize giving, pack down)

- The installation or artwork is required to be assembled and dismantled in no more than half a day.

- The artwork will remain under the ownership of the artist, however the piece is required to be available for display for up to 5 months after the SociaLink event.

- The artist must be willing to set up, pack down and transport the artwork to other locations in the Western Bay of Plenty for display during this time. When not on display, the artist will be responsible for the storage of the work.

- That artist will need to be available on the 9th August 2019 to install the artwork, receive the $1000 cash prize in person at the SociaLink Launch and then dismantle the art following the launch event.

Appendix 1

Themes: Summary of research and videos 

WBOP Social Issues – The Real Life of Us

This provides an overview of the social well-being of people in the Western Bay of Plenty e.g. health, income, employment, education, social connection, etc. For example, 28% of the population in Tauranga live with a disability (4% higher than the national average). 13,500 food parcels were given out in 2018, 25% of those to people who were working. 

A video highlighting the damage and prevalence of family harm in the Western Bay of Plenty will be played as part of this section of the presentation.

Clients’ experiences of accessing social and health services

People in vulnerable circumstances often need to access a range of support services. We asked clients about their experiences accessing a wide range of health and social services. This report looks at the enablers and barriers to accessing services. Enablers included the relationships that are formed with staff and other clients. Barriers included things like physical accessibility of services and the need for transport as well as a lack of services to meet their needs. 

Waiting lists for social and health services

The lack of services is well demonstrated by the number of social and health providers that have waiting lists for their services.  For example, one child/youth/whanau service had over 130 children on their waiting list and it could take between 6-9 months for the child to receive the service.  A foster provider had 100-200 children waiting for assessments to help with behavioural, learning and developmental conditions including foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).  The waiting list for FASD was up to 2 years. The waiting list for speech therapy services was from 6 months to 2 years. 

As a result, many providers are providing services that they are not funded to provide. For example, one organisation provided twice the number of services they are funded for and are still not meeting the demand. Another organisation saw 178 people that was not covered by their funding contract. 

Mapping the Social Sector Update, including low pay of workers research

This research describes the social sector that are delivering services to people with social/health issues or people experiencing vulnerable circumstances. The research describes the number and size of organisations, training needs of workers, the range of services that are provided, client demographics, and funding.   

An issue of growing concern is the lack of pay equity for workers providing these services, given the workforce is predominantly female and as a result of a recent significant increase in salaries for social workers in government agencies e.g. Oranga Tamariki. This makes it very hard for non-government organisations to attract and retain staff to deliver necessary services. Nationally, 41% of social workers earned between $30-50,000.  Locally, 36% of workers that we surveyed earned less than $25/hour or $53,000 or under (this includes non-clinical staff e.g. administrators). Workers were most likely to be on low pay if they worked for a Māori provider or a non-government organisation. Only 30% of staff received annual pay rises. 

Appendix 2  - Photos of the space where the installation will be installed

As per photo, only the framed doorway on the right will be used. The other doorway will be closed off.

Dimensions of the doorway are:
Height: 2100mm
Width: 1550mm
Depth: 1550mm (going back)