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What's On Week 2 May 2018

Topics 8 May 2018 What's On Newsletter 

  • Workshop: How to Promote Your Creative Work
  • FORUM: The 2018 Official NZ Music Month Summit - 'Confronting Issues In The Music Industry' 
  • STRATEGY: Views Wanted on National Māori Arts Strategy
  • FUNDING: Funding available for Tauranga & Western Bay Community projects
  • MUSIC: Calling All Musos!
  • WORKSHOP: Links Night
  • OPEN DAY: Western Bay Museum - Mounting The Shaw Gown Open day - 26 - 29 May 2018
  • WATCH THIS: We Dare You!

Urban Dreams Podcast: On the business of being an artist
We talk about things artists often don’t talk about: getting paid – why is it so murky what venues and galleries have to offer? How do you navigate sharing your ideas when you are never sure if there’s moolah at the end of it?

Starving Artist by Honor Eastly“Making money creatively is either a mystery or hidden behind a big banner reading “SELLOUT”. I’m trying to change that”. Honor’s podcast is a great excuse for her to ask successful artists “really nosy questions about their financial situation.

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