Monday, 12 March 2018 14:09

Art Donation to Cancer Wards

Talented and accomplished local artist Sheelagh Leary donated a number of beautiful artworks to the Kathleen Kilgour Centre and the BOPDHB Oncology Centre today. A cancer patient herself, Sheelagh talked about how "boring and white the walls were" which inspired her to donate her chosen pieces to the two centres.

Sheelagh's uses paper weaving to create art by weaving coloured strips of paper together. "There's no loom but I set up a warp of strips of paper close together on a heavy card base then weave more strip of paper through the warp strips," she explains. 

"A great deal of variation is possible - all the elements of art and technical competence must be addressed - balance, focus, line, colour, space and so on. The paper can be painted, crayoned or have pattern scratched into paint for example.  The surface can be mat or gloss. The papers  can vary in width, be straight or curved, thin paper or firm card. And the weave itself can be varied. Tabby is the simplest weave, just under one over one across the warp but other weaves work too. There's a great deal of pleasure in figuring out how to create pieces where there's enough complexity to hold a viewer's interest and where the piece feels complete, exciting, beautiful fun or ornamental."

Sheelagh has done a number of courses including painting, screen printing, pastels and etching, but paper weaving is her favourite.  

To see more of Sheelagh's work, visit her Facebook page