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Call for tender - Investment mapping research

Imprint Gallery - Historic Village, Tauranga Imprint Gallery - Historic Village, Tauranga

Creative Bay of Plenty is looking for consultants to undertake an important piece of sector research.

Information regarding this scope can be found below. This research piece has been commissioned as a result of a need identified in Toi Moana, ratified by funding support for this implementation point by the two local councils Tauranga City Council and the Western Bay of Plenty District Council. 


The Tender Scope is now available for submission. 

Project Scope Description 

Develop a report, establishing baselines of current sector investment in the arts, along with an audit of hard infrastructure, a gap analysis and next step recommendations.

1. Definitions:

  • Toi Moana – sub-region of the Western Bay of Plenty Arts and Culture Strategy
  • Sector – refers to Arts and Culture sector

2. Purpose:

Purpose of this research scope is to provide general guidelines and criteria for the Creative Bay of Plenty research project, action 5.1.2 of Toi Moana.

3. Objective:

Through the development of Toi Moana, the Western Bay community identified the need to develop an understanding of current financial investment into, and existing hard infrastructure for, arts and culture. The objective of this research is to provide evidence on current state (2018-19) and to provide a basis for further recommendation on future need, demand and opportunities.

The research should cover (at regional level, in reference to the Arts and Culture sector):

  • Stakeholder identification – those that will benefit from this research
  • Identification of national benchmarks of investment and provision in the arts and culture sector
  • Current sector financial investment and the sources (council, philanthropic...)
  • Current hard infrastructure or facilities, with an infrastructure hierarchy (national, regional, local)
  • Key issues for existing arts and cultural infrastructure (aging, productivity, funding, under-utilization)
  • Identification of strategic issues and knowledge gaps

Opportunities and recommendations for investment in the sector

4. Benefit:

This research piece should identify:

  • Whether the Western Bay sub regions arts and cultural facilities are consistent with the national benchmark / international benchmark (if relevant)
  • If there is a need for further investment into the arts and culture sector, and why
  • If there is a need for further investment into provision, maintenance or information on hard infrastructure and its use
  • Potential investment partners or funding opportunities outside existing council funding
  • Risks (if any)

5. Demonstrate ability

The successful contractor for the tender should be able to demonstrate:

  • An existing deep understanding of the local creative sector
  • A proven ability to research and map large scale / region wide data
  • A strategic plan to execute the research to timeline and budget
  • A commitment to acting in the best interest of Creative Bay of Plenty, the Arts and Culture sector, and its stakeholders
  • An ability to provide milestone reporting
  • Professionalism to present research findings to identified stakeholders (council, community, board) – print, online and presentation
  • Has appropriate means to complete the research scope (car, telephone, laptop)

6. Pricing information

  • Respondents must provide their price as part of their Proposal
  • Fixed price contract capped at $20k inclusive of all associated costs and fees
  • In submitting the Price, the Respondent must breakdown costs, fees, expenses and charges associated with the full delivery of the research piece
  • An hourly or daily rate should be specified

Proposed contract will be discussed with successful supplier

7. Our timeline

For tender

Open on 2 November 2018

Registrations of interest by (name and short bio only)

30 November 2018

Deadline for Questions from consultants

15 December 2018


Deadline for Proposals 16 December 2018

Shortlist and supplier selected

By 18 January 2019

Unsuccessful respondents notified

By 22 January 2019

Anticipated contract start date

28 January 2019

Anticipated project completion

30 April 2019

8. Revision

This scope should recommend, on conclusion, an appropriate time in which the data requires revision, for it to stay true and accurate

9. How to contact us

All enquiries must be directed to Point of Contact: Meg Davis, General Manager, email:

10. Submitting your Proposal

  • This is an open and competitive process
  • Take time to read and understand the scope above, and how your proposal will address the need
  • Register your interest to: - only a name and a short introduction required
  • If anything is unclear or you have a question, ask us to explain. Please do so before Deadline for Questions close
  • Proposals to submitted to Point of Contact by 5pm on the closure date. Late submissions will not be accepted
  • Your proposal will be assessed by a panel of representatives from the Creative Bay of Plenty management, trustees and council stakeholders
  • Proposals will be evaluated on their merits to a criterion that will cover relevant experience, skills, resources and methodology


Toi Moana consultant Dawn Hutchinson

Consultation of creative community 2017 – 2018

Waikato Infrastructure Plan

Palmerston North

City of Melbourne Arts Infrastructure Framework

Arts Queensland Arts and Cultural Investment Framework