Katja Pott 

Visual Arts


Katja Pott 

  • Acrylic painting
  • Mixed Media
  • Oils
  • Painting
  • Pastels
  • Photography
  • Visual Arts
  • Water Colour

Born in Hannover, Germany in 1964, I grew up with a special motorcycle book. On the cover were two off-road motorcycles riding towards Kata Tjuta also known as Mount Olgas in Central Australia.

‘This is where I want to live’ I said!

I travelled from Melbourne up to Darwin on a trusty Yamaha XT500 in 1987 and moved to Melbourne in 1990 before heading for Alice Springs, Central Australia in 1995. After living over 20 years in the red centre of Australia I felt it was time to move to New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty, Tauranga the safe anchorage for a new adventure.

My art relates mostly to my life in Germany, Alice Springs and Tauranga. I feel art is about people, love, exploring ones inner life and what we are taking with us from all the worlds we live in.

Working on my theme Artist Between Three Countries has enriched my personal life as much as my artistic endeavours. I struggle at times having my heart in three places. Delving into the subject gives me the opportunity to look closer at feelings of displacement and homesickness. Though the joy of connecting with people and countries ultimately weaves through.

My project is a creative exploration of what it means to want to be in all three countries at the same time and what it takes to connect. Feeling very much at home here in Tauranga has helped me finally feeling settled.

My main mediums are painting and sculpture. I also work with textiles, I write and take photographs. I studied art at Charles Darwin University in Alice Springs, Australia.

I have exhibited in all three countries: Hannover (Germany), Alice Springs (Australia) and Tauranga (New Zealand).


Interested in

  • Collaborations
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  • Commissions
  • Actively looking for sponsorship
  • Open to creative opportunities
  • Seeking venues