Creative Communities Scheme

Funding to support community arts & culture projects in the Western Bay of Plenty

Applications for the next round of Creative Communities Scheme (Western Bay district) will open in April 2023.

Important notice: From 1 July 2022, Tauranga City Council will be administering their CCS fund in-house – visit their website for more information.
Creative Bay of Plenty will still be available to support applicants to make submissions and give advice. Email

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What is the Creative Communities Scheme?

Creative New Zealand spends over $3.2 million each year supporting around 1,800 projects through the Creative Communities Scheme (CCS). Creative Bay of Plenty, on behalf of Western Bay of Plenty District Council, administers the CCS for the Western Bay region. Western Bay stretches from Waihī Beach to Ōtamarākau, and excludes Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, and Pāpāmoa.

CCS aims to increase participation from the local community in the arts sector, support the diversity of local cultural traditions and encourage and engage young people to participate in local arts. ‘Arts’ is broadly defined to mean all forms of creative and interpretative expression.

Who can apply?

Any individual or group can apply on the basis that the individual is a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.

Two rounds of funding are allocated each year.

The average size of a CCS grant is around $2,000 per project.

For the next round, the funds available for distribution in Western Bay will be approximately $37,000.

What are the criteria?

Your project must have both creative components and community engagement components and must focus on at least one of the following:

  • Access & participation – create opportunities for local communities to engage with, and participate in, arts activities
  • Diversity – support the diverse artistic cultural traditions of local communities
  • Young people – enable young people (under 18 years) to engage with and participate in the arts.

There are five local priorities that the assessors will be mindful of. If you can demonstrate alignment with at least one of them, your project will be more likely to receive funding. They include projects that are visionary, vocalise creative pursuits, add to vibrancy, increase the value people attribute to the arts and that make the arts more sustainable. Details of these priorities can be found on the inside front cover of the application form.

It is important to note the emphasis on the community component or benefit in each application. If a project is seen as just benefitting the applicant or artist, it will not be funded. In addition, CCS funding will only be provided to help a project break even and will not be secured if the project expects to make a surplus.

How do I make an application?

The application form for Western Bay district is available on this page when the scheme is open for application.

I need help with my application…

Find out more about what makes a strong community arts project, resources to develop your project, funding and support: Community Arts

What got funded?

Creative Communities Grant Recipients

February 2023 – Tauranga

  • Glass Ceiling Art Collective – $4,000
  • Opus Orchestra Trust – $3,750
  • Purple Lab – Phreaze Factory – $3,740
  • RimuFest Trust – $4,000
  • Tauranga Chinese Cultural Arts Group – $1,000

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November 2022 – Tauranga

  • One Love Charity – $2,000
  • Tauranga Opera Forum – $2,295
  • Te Puna Hauora Ki Uta Ki Tai – $4,725
  • Te Tuhi Mareikura Trust – $6,250
  • Mount Art Group – $1,000

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September 2022 – Western Bay

  • Ngā Kākano Foundation – $4,000
  • Te Puke Māori Women’s Welfare League – $4,990
  • Katch Katikati – $1,958
  • Wright Rohde Theatre – $3,900
  • Western Bay Heritage Trust – $3,800

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April 2022 – Tauranga & Western Bay

  • Bethlehem Pottery Club – $2,500
  • Envirohub – $2,500
  • Opus Orchestra Trust – $2,000
  • Omokoroa Public Art Group – $1,500
  • Tawhitinui Marae Reserve – $3,918

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October 2021 – Tauranga & Western Bay

  • Curves O Plenty – $1,745
  • Eddie Page Productions – $4,000
  • Okorore Ngā Toi Māori Gallery & Studios – $3,000
  • Poetry Beat – $2,550
  • Tauranga Chinese Cultural & Arts Group – $2,700

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June 2021 – Western Bay

  • Creative Te Puke – $2,500
  • Katch Katikati – $2,500
  • Katikati Community Resource Centre – $2,700
  • Waihi Beach Community Events & Promotions – $2,700
  • Western Bay of Plenty Primary Health Organisation – $3,300

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April 2021 – Tauranga & Western Bay

  • Tauranga Zinefest – $6,000
  • Bay of Plenty Symphonia – $1,759
  • Okorore Ngā Toi Māori Gallery & Studios – $3,240
  • The Incubator Creative Hub – $2,575
  • Te Puna Quarry Park – $2,500

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September 2020 – Tauranga & Western Bay

  • Purple Lab Hip Hop – $3,900
  • Create the Bay Inc. – $2,500
  • Waihi Beach School – $4,692
  • Omokoroa Public Art Group – $3,000
  • Young NZ Writers – $2,000

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Project Completion Reports

For projects that have previously received CCS funding and are now completed, a completion report must be filled in and emailed to within two months of the project end.

Download Project Completion Report

MYTH BUSTER 1: “I’m too young to apply and won’t be taken seriously.”
MYTH BUSTER 2: “The focus is on visual arts.”
MYTH BUSTER 3: “I’m not good enough to apply.”
MYTH BUSTER 4: “I have to be an established artist/organisation/business to apply.”
MYTH BUSTER 5: “I can’t claim my time.”
MYTH BUSTER 6: “I have to be an arts organisation to apply.”