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Winning Art Installation Unveiled

On Friday 16 August the winning art installation of the 2019 SociaLink “Legacy Trust ‘Art With Purpose’ Award” was revealed at the SociaLink Research Launch.

SociaLink has produced a series of research reports and videos to raise awareness of social issues in the Western Bay of Plenty.

The “Evolution of Violence” art installation by Maria Kausalainen is the winning submission for a creation that visually reflects their research, raises awareness of people in vulnerable circumstances, as well as the value of social sector providers.

Maria Kausalainen has a Fine Arts Masters degree from the University of Arts in Helsinki, Finland and has a special interest in printmaking. Maria has exhibited in a number of galleries and museums internationally with work relating to the adult world “life, home, death, but from the perspective of a child”. Maria is now a resident of Tauranga.

The Installation will be available to view by the public in Tauranga’s Red Square during the Groundswell Festival from 26 August to 9th September 2019, as part of Creative Bay of Plenty’s ‘Creative Views’ project.

The Evolution of Violence – by Maria Kausalainen 

A baby learns to smile by seeing their mother smile. A toddler learns to walk through the encouragement of those around them. A child learns what love is by seeing it in action. And a child learns how to respond in anger by copying the response of those closest to them.

Violence is a chain through our families that is not easily broken. It creates brokenness and darkness that repeats itself, unless something is done.

This installation represents how we learn to respond to anger from a young age. The boxing gloves represents violence; the chain represents a bond that is difficult to break. The growing size of the gloves shows that when we learn to respond in violence at a young age it carries through our life, usually in greater measure. The increasing blackened ground and wall show that as the child grows to be an adult, the damage and problems also grow.

Domestic violence is a tragedy in New Zealand. The purpose of this installation is to show it as a repeating cycle. The materials used (fabric, carpet, wallpaper) are from everyday life, telling us that when it is so familiar, we often cannon see it around us and recognise how destructive it is.

You can follow Maria on her creative journey at 

SociaLink Video Series

Western Bay of Plenty has a proud social service sector with approximately 240 organisations working daily to improve the well-being of individuals, families and our society. At the heart is SociaLink.

SociaLink is an umbrella organisation that supports and empowers the social and community sector. SociaLink offers professional development, supports organisations to work collaboratively and undertakes advocacy and research.

Bay of Plenty charities do amazing work, often unseen, frequently unknown. Watch ten brief videos, narrated by volunteer Tauranga readers and gain a wider insight into the community you live in. 

Craft/object, Creative Kōrero

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