About Us

Creative Bay of Plenty supports the development and growth of the arts and culture sector in Tauranga Moana and the Western Bay of Plenty

The purpose of Creative Bay of Plenty is to enable arts and culture to thrive in the Western Bay of Plenty.

How do we achieve our purpose?

Creative Bay of Plenty achieves our purpose through two streams:

  1. Business as usual mandate:
    • CONNECT: We connect creatives to organisations, creatives to projects and audiences to events.
    • UPSKILL: We direct the sector to resources, toolkits and skills providers for a more sustainable creative eco-system.
    • SUPPORT: We lead and co-deliver the Toi Moana strategy, administer Creative Communities Scheme funding, and conduct peer mentoring for projects and ideas.
    • PROMOTE: We share sector stories, events and initiatives so that our entire community can participate in more arts and culture, every day.
  2. Leadership on the delivery of the Arts and Culture Strategy Toi Moana

Creative Bay of Plenty was established in 1969 to serve the artists, creative producers, cultural organisations of Tauranga and the Western Bay. Our non-profit charitable trust and professional team support, promote, connect, and advocate for a thriving creative community. Together with civic and cultural partners, our organisation guides the growth of the arts and culture sector and the creative development of people and community. We are here to make the region more exciting, expressive, connected and interesting.

Our programmes and services actively support artists, organisations, projects, events, venues, and creative placemaking efforts. These include regular grant-giving, robust arts marketing and promotion, networking and professional development opportunities, and visionary collaborations and creative initiatives. Everything we do—with the sector or community at large—is designed to share and expand the arts across our region and celebrate the Bay of Plenty’s unique cultural identity.

We are a charitable trust governed by volunteer board members representing civic, cultural, educational, and business leadership in the Western Bay region. Together with staff and partners, we support, promote, and advise hundreds of artists, community leaders, and creative initiatives as part of our ongoing mission. Our organisation’s beating heart is a small team based at The Kollective in 17th Avenue, Tauranga—we’re always open to new friends and visitors. If you want to develop an arts project, are looking for support for your cultural organisation, need advice on funding or resources, or want to explore ways to promote or further develop your creative work—the CBOP team is ready to assist.

On a national leadership level, Creative Bay of Plenty is also a proud leadership member of RANA: Regional Arts Network Aotearoa. This emerging consortium comprises New Zealand’s major and developing Regional Arts Organisations who work together on sustainable arts, culture and heritage developments, advise on public policy opportunities, and serve as a unified voice for cultural identity and creative wellbeing on a local, regional, and national level.

We are committed to providing a service that is relevant, community mandated, and adds value to the creative sector.

Creative Bay of Plenty has a governing board of volunteer members. They represent a diverse cross-section of creatives from the Western Bay region.


Get to know the crew at CBOP. A dynamic team of art loving individuals with a vested interest in seeing arts and culture thrive in our region.


Along with Tauranga City Council and Western Bay of Plenty District Council, CBOP is supported by local organisations who are all invested in seeing our region’s arts and culture sector thrive.