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Clay My Day

Clay My Day is a pottery group exhibition at the Carlton Gallery from 10 – 23 August, showing the work of Dianne Caton, Virginia Angus, Ronel Moore, Raywyn Lewer and Anett Pilz.

Connected by clay, this exhibition features ceramics from five studio potters who work in the Katikati region. Used to working in isolation, these artists have been meeting regularly to share ideas and friendship at the Bethlehem Pottery Club.

Many of these pieces were made as the world shut down during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The diversity of pots in this exhibition reflects the different cultural and professional backgrounds and levels of experience of the artists. Behind each pot is a story of individual approaches in working with clay through using different techniques, clay, firing and surface treatment.

Dianne Caton has had a passion for clay for over 45 years. The majority of her pieces are slab built. Her recent work is sgraffito. Most pieces are one-off.

Anett Pilz started pottery in Berlin, where she lived at this time. Her love of abstract painting shows in her delicate decorated tableware. She is now taking part in national exhibitions.

Raywyn Lewer loves experimenting with clay. She creates ‘whatever makes her happy at the time’, from garden art to figurines, feathers and more. Her favourite firing method is Raku, with the open flames, unexpected results and mix of glazes.

Ronel Moore’s pieces are decorative and often fragile with limited functionality. She loves depicting women wearing crowns – searching to expand their realm or humbly fighting the good fight, being temporarily deposed or confidently reigning supreme. It is her attempt at communicating the elusive, inconstant and capricious ideal of beauty.

Virginia Angus has worked with clay for over 45 years. She enjoys using beautiful colours, and sometimes she’ll make a plate – although often, she just wants to keep it herself.

Click on the images below to view these featured pieces, and be sure to head to the Carlton Gallery at The Arts Junction, 36 Main Rd, Katikati to view the full collection.

Craft/object, Creative Kōrero

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