Simpson Grierson kickstarts the Community Arts and Culture Fund

Project Tauranga partner Simpson Grierson is pleased to announce the establishment of the Creative Bay of Plenty Community Arts and Culture Fund with the Acorn Foundation. Simpson Grierson pro bono partner, Michael Wood, says that the firm wanted to help create a legacy for the community, one that supports artists to produce their art. “We all benefit from the arts and offering this fund is a great way to make the support sustainable. “We’re delighted to partner with these organisations to invest in the future of the arts in the Bay of Plenty.”

Acorn Foundation General Manager Lori Luke says that the Acorn Foundation ‘Smarter Giving Model’ is the perfect vehicle for the outcomes being sought by Simpson Grierson. “This forward-thinking gift to our region ensures local support for arts and culture will last forever, since the Acorn perpetuity model invests the principal and distributes approximately 4% of income to worthwhile projects every year.”

Creative Bay of Plenty’s General Manager Meg Davis said that her organisation was delighted with the news and that word of the donation has already rippled out through the creative sector. “Simpson Grierson’s contribution is so meaningful for the artists of the region. It sets a wonderful precedent and paves the way for other organisations to invest in and partner with the arts. We’d really like to extend our thanks to Simpson Grierson for their help with this initiative.”

She is hoping that other businesses in the region will follow the lead set by Simpson Grierson, and based on recent research undertaken by the agency, she believes that there is a growing desire for businesses to step up and assist the arts community. “Business people are recognising the importance of the arts to help them attract and retain talent, and funds like the Creative Bay of Plenty Arts and Culture Fund provide the surety that donors are looking for in terms of the security of their principal investment,” she said.

If you are interested in finding out how you or your business could partner with the arts through the Creative Bay of Plenty Community Arts and Culture Fund, or if you have other ideas to support the arts, please contact Meg Davis at Creative Bay of Plenty to discuss:


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