Digital Marketing

A Step-by-step Guide To Hosting Meetings & Events With Zoom

What is it?
A practical step-by-step guide to setting up and hosting events and meetings with your audience

Why is it useful?
If you’ve heard all about virtual meetings, and hosting events online but have not been sure how or where to start, then this practical and in-depth step-by-step guide can help you set up your first virtual event or meeting space with Zoom.

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Digital Marketing Kit – Artsy

What is it? Over 10 strategies across 3 marketing channels, written by experts in digital marketing and the arts world.

Why is it useful? Digital marketing is ever-evolving, and it plays an incredibly important role in our connected world. Regardless of whether your gallery is just starting out or has been in business for many years, it’s always a good time to think about digital strategy.


The Audience Connection

What is it? The Audience Connection works alongside cultural organisations to build and engage with their audiences via integrated and effective use of digital channels.

Why is it useful? They offer excellent online resources specific to digital marketing for the arts in New Zealand


Creative NZ Video Series

What is it? Creative NZ Video Series on optimising your online marketing.

Why is it useful? Teaching arts organisations to take advantage of the power of online marketing to attract new audiences and increase returns.


What is it? Later is an online resource and Instagram scheduling tool.

Why is it useful? Stay on top of the biggest Instagram marketing trends! From how to grow your Instagram following to new tools, latest developments, design and trends.


How To Use YouTube and Instagram Video To Promote Events

What is it? An insightful overview on why and how to promote an event using YouTube and Instagram

Why is it useful? There are two powerhouse video channels that are undoubtedly the best places on the web to promote events: YouTube and Instagram. Find out how to best utilise these platforms to promote your event.