Art & Business


A study was commissioned to better understand the feasibility and requirements of an Art & Business (A&B) programme in the Western Bay of Plenty. The concept was developed to address the broad concept claims, based on international modelling:

  • 1. A&B builds relationships of mutual commercial and social advantage between local business and creative individuals/organisations/projects.
  • 2. An A&B program could increase the sustainability of the creative sector to grow our regional economy (Toi Moana implementation points 1.1, 2.1.1 & 3.1.1)
    Participants of the study included artists, business owners, community engagement leaders, creative industry leaders, funders and economic development agencies. The study covered the below questions:

Question One
What are the needs of the creative sector that could be addressed by business?

Question Two
What is the local desire for business to participate or connect with creative organisations?

Question Three
What is the local desire for creatives to participate?

Question Four
What are the existing global programmes to model for Art and Business?

Of the 33 local organisations, creative individuals and industry leaders interviewed:

  • 47% of all commercial organisations interviewed have a written localised Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy, presenting an opportunity for further leadership in CSR space.
  • 40% of all commercial organisations interviewed indicated that they actively seek Creative initiatives to support, which means there is an opportunity to raise the profile of creative sector sponsorships.
  • 85% of creative industry sponsorships are one-off fiscal amounts between $500 – $1500, indicating there is a need for more sustainable funding streams for the creative industry.
  • 50% of Creative participants actively seek commercial partnerships, with ancillary feedback highlighting a lack of resourcing, partnership brokerage and creating the sponsorship offering as barriers.

Video presentation of Art & Business Research