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Koha Apparel is a not-for-profit, pay-as-you-can retail experience, using repurposed apparel. Our mission is repurposing quality clothing for those in need while also aiming to reduce the amount of clothing waste going to landfill.

Our founder Charli arrived in New Zealand from the UK in 2016 and at the time was volunteering in an op shop. It was here she realised the inequalities of access and an opportunity to do something about that. Charli began rescuing the clothing from the op shop that would otherwise be destined for clothing bins—washed, repaired and sorted these garments. After partnering with Everybody Eats in January 2019, Koha Apparel was born.

Koha now distributes clothing and other necessities directly to those in need alongside Everybody Eats and LIFE Soup Kitchen. Our pop-ups run once or twice a week serving approximately 220 people throughout the month and distributing over 400 items of clothing.

We truly believe the social connection aspect is a huge part of what we do — bringing people together in our community from all walks of life, to access some very basic human needs. Creating space for these interactions and conversations can potentially change someones’ day or week for the better. Everyone should feel good in what they put on in the morning for whatever day they have ahead. We’re providing a service to our community where our customers can feel welcome and safe.

We currently run 12 pop-ups a month throughout the greater Auckland region, Whangarei and Bay of Plenty (Papamoa).

Bluebiyou, 559 Papamoa Beach Road, Papamoa Beach