Adrian Hopcroft 

Visual Arts


Adrian Hopcroft 

  • Acrylic painting
  • Drawing
  • Film
  • Mixed Media
  • Print-making
  • Visual Arts

I grew up near the beach in Papamoa. I am an expressively versatile artist with a flair for creative thinking, colour, and imagination.
Who is inspired by my Christian faith and my ability to not take himself too seriously.

I offer a somewhat bold style, ultimately seeking to convey aspects of life, the human condition, and the body, soul, and spirit. I am interested in and pursue physical, mental, and spiritual growth.

Since finding salvation in 2016 and ultimately being reborn by God’s grace, a transformation has occurred within me. Thus, becoming increasingly zealous for God and maintaining a grateful Christian worldview.

My creative voice is often complicated, passionate, and somewhat loud. The adventure and discovery of new techniques, methods, art forms, and styles are exciting and crucial in developing my unique creative practice and career.

I value the therapeutic process of art, working and reflecting on what is on my heart. I believe my natural childlike curiosity is a good perk when it comes to exploring art and being creative.

I have a degree in Creative Industries and I am a trained woodcut print craftsmen. I also enjoy dabbling in painting, sketching, sculpture, video and sound art.

Recently I have been focusing and developing my Abstract Expressionist, gestural and lose style, telling the story of potential transformation within life.

With a preference for printmaking, I focus on bringing hope and looking towards a brighter, honest future. Ultimately, I translate my experience and understanding of grief and pain into that of hope and transparency. This concept is complemented by the woodcut process as the wood is transformed into a dynamic printed image.

I not only express the visible/physical world but also encapsulate the invisible/spiritual elements found within life. I love to use colour to emphasize emotion, energy, and also the connotations with the world and life experiences.

If you would like to learn more about my story then please take a look at this Facebook video and also here on LifeTV

Mount Maunganui

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