Alex Miln 

Object & craft


Alex Miln 

  • Object & craft
  • Painting
  • Visual Arts

Hi, I am Alex Miln, born in Auckland, moved to the Bay in 2015.

My artistic practice is three dimensional relief. I construct this from timber and aluminum and then apply up to 11 coats of oil paint, layering in a slightly translucent way to give the work depth.

I first started investigating this style when I was working at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London in the mid 80’s. I had unlimited access to art work by the world’s best artists as well as reference material. This helped me build my style of art. After all, art is always evolving and innovating.

My work questions popular and prevailing perceptions, conceptions about our own world view and our own New Zealand story; to look under the rug, to see the shadows, to ingest the popular and unpopular, the familiar and the unfamiliar – to confront the message that we want to just drive by.

My work is deeply rooted in Americana – a popular culture wasteland that seeps and leaks its way into New Zealand culture. I extract design elements from the street and put them into the Gallery space, I call this practice, Signtology.

I am always interested in exploring commissions and collaborations.

1983  –  Finalist in the Team McMillian Art Award
1983  –  Solo exhibition at the Charlie Grays “Last and First Cafe”
2015  –  Finialst in the Wallace Art Awards
2016  –  Double Finalist in the National Contemporary Art Awards
2016  –  Supreme Winner of the Miles Art Award
2017  –  Finalist in the Molly Morepeth Canaday Art Award
2017  –  Finalist in the Wallace Art Awards
2018  –  Finalist in the Wallace Art Awards
2019  –  “No Vital Signs”, Solo Exhibition, NZAFA, Wellington
2020 – “Supa Cuba Dupa ” Group Exhibition, Potocki Paterson Gallery, Wellington


Interested in

  • Collaborations
  • Commissions
  • Open to creative opportunities
  • Seeking venues