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Ben Young 

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I’m Ben Young, a self-taught artist who has been working in sculpture for over 15 years. I am based in Mount Maunganui and exhibit within New Zealand and internationally, with successful sell-out solo shows in Chicago, Melbourne, Auckland and Singapore.

Having spent most of my life living in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, with a stint on the beaches of Sydney, it seemed natural to explore the local landscape and surroundings for inspiration in my art. A keen surfer and a boat builder by profession, I’m primarily influenced by the ocean and bring these passions together in my work. My sculptural works are handcrafted from clear sheet float glass, concrete, steel and bronze. During the process, I play with the irony between the solid materials I use and the organic subjects I create. Once complete, light is the final crucial element to bring the sculptures to life. When lit, an illusion of space, movement and depth is created.

The sublime experience of contemplating the comparative vastness of nature is an experience, both grounding and awe-inspiring. This experience, the power of the landscape – and the sea in particular – to dwarf humanity and the nostalgia of being in and at one with nature that is captured in my work. The reminder that we are subordinate to nature is relevant and essential to many as we fixate with aspects of our lives that can seem trivial when confronted with the power of the land and seascape.

For more information on my work, visit, or I have representation at the following New Zealand galleries:

Black Door Gallery – Auckland –

New Zealand Glassworks – Whanganui –

Mount Maunganui

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