Gaye Hemsley 



Gaye Hemsley 

  • Dance
  • Literature
  • Multi-disciplinary
  • Music
  • Story telling, Songs from yesteryear

After more than sixty years, I have finally stepped away from my career of teaching dance to children. The only weekly class I hold now is adult’s Ballet/Plus.

‘The word ‘retire’ has been removed from my dictionary and replaced with ‘reinvent.’

Writing is another obsession I try to find time for. Once a month, I hold a ‘Scribblers’ writer’s group who are writing their memoirs to pass on to future generations. I have self-published several picture books, including a series of ‘Dance a Poem’ books that come with a CD. My book ‘Journey of a Dance Teacher’, published in 2019, is about my life as a dance teacher and mother who’s always been determined to keep her passion alive. My latest project is working on a historical novel, ‘Julie’s Story’, which is based around all the wonderful memories my English Grandmother passed onto me.

I like to keep the contact with children going by offering entertainment through stories, games, magic, dance, song and whatever comes to mind.

I’m in my eighties and extremely thankful to be bright and breezy in body and mind.

Recently I mentioned to one of my sons that I would need to live to a hundred to get all the things on my list done. He replied, ‘Gee, you’re cutting yourself short, Mum.’

Western Bay of Plenty

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I'd be very happy to run workshops for young dance teachers who are just starting their career. This particularly applies to teaching dance to young children.