Glen Hubbard 

Object & craft


Glen Hubbard 

  • Metal-smithing
  • Object & craft
  • Sculpting

I have been involved in many creative endeavors, from clothing design, house and landscape design to metal sculpture. In recent years I have focused more on metal sculptures, but use whatever material works best for the design.

I am partially self taught, but I’m not sure anyone is entirely self taught, we learn from each other. I’m currently learning computerised 3D design and sculpture, which is great for showing clients the design and obtaining approval before manufacture, or offering a ‘virtual’ sculpture.

I do commissions for individuals or businesses etc. Part of my gifting is to come up with a unique piece that ‘speaks’ to the client i.e has an inspirational message for the individual, business or organisation.


Interested in

  • Commissions
  • Actively looking for sponsorship
  • Open to creative opportunities