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Most of my career has been dedicated to broadening the general public’s appreciation of music that is sitting slightly under the radar. I love other peoples talent. To achieve this I have used media portals, mainly radio and then more recently print and television.

I have worked with a wide range of musical artists in a number of capacities from label management, publisher, mentor, publicist, plugger to bass player. Artists have included Goodshirt, Pluto, Shihad, Anika Moa, Weta, Fur Patrol, Opshop, Strangely Arousing, Knightshade, The Narcs.

During my media career, I founded The Rock and Kiwi FM and Co-Founded Radioworks, programmed ZM, Radio Hauraki and Juice TV.

I’ve also enjoyed music performance myself having sung in the National Youth Choir for 5 years and in a bunch of bands over the years. I currently play bass in The C.V.E and toured 7 countries most notably Dubai where we have toured 12 times.

I am now CEO of a music company called Mood. We have a number of our own media assets i.e. Juice TV, JuiceX, Rip it Up, The Station 105.4,,, Music for the People, and The Vibe. We also have a management label, PR, retail, and hospitality components to our business.


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I provide PR & mentoring services on an hourly or package basis.