Hazel Jamieson 



Hazel Jamieson 

  • Multi-disciplinary
  • Object & Craft
  • Painting
  • Painter - of furniture!

Welcome to The Altered Rose!

I am passionate about giving old solid wood furniture a new life, with a creative Alteration. I’ve always been ‘that project girl’ and decided to invest in my creativity full time and leave behind my profession in Hotel Management. My Mum taught me a lot, she was very DIY! The rest I’ve learnt along the way.

My creative pieces (those I choose to do however I like) evolve as I go. Often I don’t have a finished image in my head until I’ve started the process.

I offer commission work to restore and alter customers furniture. I enjoy the process of designing with a client and giving them back a piece of functional art.

I would love to collaborate with artists in the BOP, painters or graphic designers to create one of kind statement pieces together.

Western Bay of Plenty

Interested in

  • Collaborations
  • Bookings
  • Commissions
  • Open to creative opportunities
  • Seeking venues


I hope to introduce these in 2023