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Hey, I’m Jade!

Here’s some random facts to get to know me;
I’m 19, I grew up in a VERY small town called Jeffersonville, in Vermont USA, and my family moved to New Zealand (where my Dad’s from) when I was 11. I’ve lived in the sunny Bay of Plenty ever since.

I’m a dedicated plant mama, definitely a cold weather girl, I’m slightly obsessed with the Lord of the Rings, and I’ve worked as a barista at a little coffee shop in Matata since I was 14, and if you ever want to get me a gift, just pick me a basket of wildflowers and I’ll love you forever. Oh and I’m really short. Like 4 foot 7 kinda short.

I’ve always enjoyed taking photos, and I took at least 3 photography classes in school, but it wasn’t until my grandfather gave me a NikonD3500 for my graduation gift a couple of years ago, that photography became my passion. After that, I spent hours and hours (and months) experimenting, over-saturating, (idolising Peter McKinnon), and doing terrible photoshoots with friends.

One day, a lovely lady named Briede sent me a message asking me to take her maternity photos, because she liked the random pics I posted on Instagram. After that everything just kept moving so quickly, and before I knew it I had launched Jade Steel Creative, and I could not be happier with how it’s going.

I am absolutely in love with my job, and so ridiculously grateful that people appreciate the amount of passion and love I put into my work.

Getting to meet all of the amazing people on their different journeys and helping to tell their stories is the best part of what I do. I cannot wait to see where this business will take me. I do all kinds of photography; family photos, business shots, engagement photos, children and sibling photos, whatever you’re wanting!

Please take a look at my portfolio, and don’t hesitate to send me a message. Whatever you’re after, I cannot wait to collaborate with you and create something epic!

I think we’re gonna be great friends!


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