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Hi, I’m Jay.  I am a photographer living in the Bay of Plenty.

Looking at the world through the confines of four sides brings an element of simplicity to life.  Whether capturing a commercial image, a wedding, or just out photographing for my own curiosity the process of creating an image gives my mind an opportunity to enjoy that moment absolutely.

In a world filled with imagery it is challenging to present an original capture.  I find it almost daunting sometimes.  Thats when I slow down and bring it back to just me and the four sides.  Then I can bring authenticity, originality, and perhaps a little bit of quirky to the moment.
My website and instagram accounts are the best places to check me out. My personal instagram account has an eclectic mix of landscapes, abstract and street photography.  A second instagram account shows client work which includes interiors, food, and weddings.
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