Jenny Coker 

Visual Arts


Jenny Coker 

  • Drawing
  • Illustration
  • Oils
  • Painting
  • Visual Arts
  • Water Colour

Inspiration of botanical, still life and portraiture images fill my mind in a constant stream.
With watercolour, oils and pencil as tools my studio is filled with florals and still life.
Portraiture by its nature is usually commissioned and private.

I am largely self-taught with the exception of a handful of weekend workshops with significant artists and a week at the Florence Academy of Art recently.

My work is in the classical tradition of Flemish-style oils but contemporary styling brings a modern aesthetic with larger scale works.

The thirst to keep improving, to capture shifting lights, to bring my own taste and talent to my audience tempts me onward.

Watercolour was my first love and it now comes readily to me during the 30 years I’ve been painting.

I’ve exhibited many times over the years.
The Melbourne-based Manyung Gallery group represent me with Australian flora as my genre. I have several long-term projects in mind with some NZ flora and wildlife in mind.

I have painted occasional commercial illustrations including book covers.

A beautiful garden is essential to my life as is the pleasure of sharing it.I encourage small group garden bookings to enjoy themed sortis discussing art and plant aesthetics.


Interested in

  • Collaborations
  • Commissions
  • Open to creative opportunities