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I’m Jeremy and I was born in Rotorua, but have lived most of my life around the Wellington/Wairarapa.  I am a licenced Theatrical Armourer, specializing in military costuming and occasional extra roles.

I got into film and TV work in the Wellington area via my Historical Re-enactment club, which often does this kind of work.  For more info, see here:

My first significant work was with Gibson Group on the TV series “Kiwis At War”.  I kitted out the soldiers for Taika Waititi’s short film “Tama Tu” and was a costumed extra/re-enactor in the Peter Jackson short film “Crossing the Line”.  I provided the uniforms, weapons and myself as the German commander, in the docudrama “The John Pohe Story”, directed by Julian Arahanga.  Some years later I costumed the soldiers for “The Nancy Wake Story”, again produced by Gibson Group.

I have been based in the Bay of Plenty since 2017, where I did a few minor costume jobs and was an extra in “Colonial Combat”, filmed near Rotorua.

After a hiatus of several years, in January 2023 I once again provided uniforms and weapons for the feature film “1978”, which was shot outside of Shannon.  Here is the 1978 Facebook page:

I have also directed several short films, you can view one of them here:

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