Justine Munn 

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Justine Munn 

  • Kōwhaiwhai
  • Māori Visual Arts
  • Ngā Toi Māori

Justine Munn has been exhibiting her art work, while working in health care over the last ten years. She is a Māori artist, and is committed to achieving as a full time artist. Justine is currently based at Okorere Ngā Toi Māori – Taonga Gallery/Studio at the Tauranga Historic Village Aotearoa/ New Zealand. She completed her final studies in Advance Diploma in Art and Design in 2012 at Waiariki Institute of Technology, majoring in Painting, Drawing, and Screen Printing. Justine explores painting with acrylic paint and mixed media on canvas.

‘I am Inspired by landscape, people, inanimate objects, and animate objects as a social theme of investigation I like to explore in pushing things further.
However, my work is all about the journey and the outcome, and the social impact that does affect your journey. The question is what does affect your journey in your art?”

Justine won the 2010 Supreme Art Award in the Tauranga Moana Tangata Festival with her visual art. She has exhibited with other Visual Artists locally in Tauranga Moana as well as in Aotearoa.

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Email address: justee.mustee@yahoo.co.nz

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