Kevin McCardell 

Object & craft


Kevin McCardell 

  • Carving
  • Object & craft
  • Sculpting
  • Visual Arts

I am a self taught sculptor and my chosen medium is wood. I have been carving for 30 years and my work can best be described as being in the Trompe l’oeil style with some sculptures finished in natural wood, and others painted, or a combination of both.

I use a variety of timbers both native and exotic, but I predominantly work with NZ Kauri. I am known mostly for my sculptures of clothing but I also make object art with an emphasis on ‘Kiwi’ themes.

I run my own gallery where visitors can see the work in progress as well as viewing sculptures on display. I undertake a wide range of commissions and my work is held in private collections both here and around the world.


Interested in

  • Commissions
  • Open to creative opportunities