Lindsay Butler 

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Lindsay Butler 

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Born in England, the draw of New Zealand brought me first to Wellington. Here the great people and laid back way of life enabled me to explore my creativity. A recent move to Tauranga has opened up the time and opportunity for me to concentrate and expand on my work.

I work in both clay and fused glass, enjoying the differences each technique demands. I am influenced by fairy tales and whimsy, and the natural world.

In my ceramics, my passion for texture and detail invades my work and my love of whimsy and quirk leads to many pieces where my mission is to make the viewer smile. Each piece is handmade and original with its own unique character and personality. From jugs to jesters; each piece is a joy to make.

For my glass work I love the challenge of multiple firings and the more difficult fusing techniques. I have attended many international artist workshops, both in New Zealand and overseas, in order to advance my skill level and enjoyment. This has led to some exhibition awards as well as the inspiration and confidence to pursue the multitude of different techniques.

I sell my work through three North Island Galleries and also welcome interest from anyone who would like to purchase an individually made piece.


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