Mira Corbova 

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Mira Corbova 

  • Mixed Media
  • Oils
  • Painting
  • Visual Arts
  • Healing art, Intuitive art

“Intuitive art speaks when words have no form or shape. For me, creating art is an expressive means to channel creative energy with positive emotions that reflect a higher vision within. I believe in the divine healing power of art. Art connects the viewer and the artist. Art is in my DNA. I cannot imagine my life without art to feed my soul! I would describe each piece I create as an emotional conversation through colour and shape, a tangible expression of one’s soul. It’s a pure joy to bring sparkle to my clients’ day with my healing art. My aim as an artist and art dealer is to inspire, encourage and connect everyone through creativity and to help people to realise the immense value and importance of arts.”

About me:
Slovakia born, I am currently living and working in a sunny Bay of Plenty (Tauranga and Katikati). I am a fine art dealer, curator, artist mentor and an abstract artist whose work mirrors a passion for self-expression, energy, colour and the connection in various forms. Naturally creative and intuitive, I enjoys exploring the emotions and feelings I often picks up around me. These are the inspirations that became my creations. Using vibrant oil colours, various shapes flow onto my canvas intuitively.

I grew up in Slovakia (then part of a Communist Czechoslovakia) with many restrictions and in a strict household with a little room for self-expression. I often questioned my art ability as my expression was abstract, intuitive and totally different from other students. Surrounded by art and design from an early age, I attended art classes after school throughout primary.
Art school and time spent with my art tutor Mr Canda (a well-known, local artist) creating art, sculptures and painting in nature formed some of my happiest memory. I found solace in arts and nature. When I was six years old, I gained a special admission to an art school and at the age of eleven, I won my first international award at the International Children’s Art Show in Tokyo, Japan.
As a young woman, I studied art, photography and economics & management in Slovakia, then relocated to the UK, where my social circle was mainly creative people. I have been always involved in arts and have participated in many art shows and helping with exhibitions. Art has always been my happy place. While living and working in London, I studied counselling psychology and tourism. I immigrated to New Zealand in 2012 where I finally pursued my long-term dream by opening my own fine art gallery, The Art Lounge NZ.

About my Healing Art:
“Using oils and working mostly with a pallet knife allows me to achieve a colourful energy in my art that represents a personal freedom and a sense of tranquillity. The outcome of my paintings is vibrancy and emotion. Once you have connected on an emotional and/or spiritual level, you may even see the images unfolding in front of your eyes. I hope that my art awakens a creative mind and brings harmonious energy, joy and peacefulness into people’s lives. My aim is to inspire and encourage everyone through creativity, to connect and to heal through a language that speaks to your soul. I am using arts to promote emotional health and well-being and to connect people through creativity. Creativity improves well-being and brings joy to our lives. Engaging in the visual arts for adults can also reduce depression and anxiety, increase self-respect, self-worth and self-esteem, as well as encourage and stimulate engagement with the wider, everyday social world. I believe in the divine healing power of art, a very important and powerful tool for everyone. My life goal is to spread positive vibes, love, peace and healing through my art. It gives me a lot of joy when I receive words of encouragement and appreciation from my clients telling me how much happiness and healing my art brought them. For that I thank them.”

Each artwork is accompanied by a Certificate of the Authenticity. Several pieces of my art are in private collections in Europe, USA, Mexico and New Zealand. I  have exhibited widely internationally and in New Zealand.

Portrait photography by Karolina Ferbei Photography, Tauranga.

Western Bay of Plenty

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