Paul Darragh 

Visual Arts


Paul Darragh 

  • Acrylic painting
  • Mixed Media
  • Mural
  • Painting
  • Visual Arts

I am an independent artist based in Mt. Maunganui. I exhibit locally, nationally and internationally and have established a full time arts practice since 2017. I have achieved consistent sales of my work through national exhibitions and international art fairs. I was a finalist in the 2020 Adam Portraiture Award and the 2019 NZ Painting & Printmaking Award.

I create abstract, bold and very graphic paintings. I am interested in the manipulation of depth using flat colour and pattern. I have a dynamic sense of colour which is used to create optical vibration within the compositions. A sense of commercialism is inherent in the work, and I make reference to digital and traditional advertising through the use of airbrush and house paint respectively. Preliminary drawings for paintings are created digitally and this sensibility remains core to the work.

Prior to my transition to full time painter in 2017, I achieved success as a Creative Director, Art Director and Designer. I spent a decade living and working in New York City where I established my own design studio and gallery space (Manhattan Born) and created visual art for many high level individuals, companies and institutions including Rihanna, Nike, IBM and The New York Times.

Mount Maunganui

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