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Philip Moreton 

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Phil here, I have been working in the film industry for over 10 years now. Born in Tauranga, with my younger years being spent in Omokora. I then spent most of my years in the UK; studying, growing up, and exploring neighbouring countries.

I studied fine art where I used mixed media such as photography and video to create video installations and time-lapses of large canvas graphite drawings being made. The video side of art really struck a chord with me, I continued down this path into film studies and video production at University. It was there I realised where my passion really lied, which was Cinematography. I spent a couple of years around London experiencing the film and TV industry whilst collaborating on short films to build up my own experience as a cinematographer.

When I felt I had enough experience and understanding of light I then got into the National Film and Television School (NFTS). A 2 year MA course specifying in Cinematography. Since then I have filmed many commercials and short films, a TV show and four feature films which have had an international release in cinemas.

I pride myself on being self-taught and then later enhancing my own knowledge at the NFTS. There is nothing better than building a connection with a good script/idea and working with other passionate individuals.

After one of my feature films ‘Finding Fatimah’ was released in cinemas in the UK, I was invited back to the NFTS as a visiting tutor to teach the 1st year students (ranging from 22 to 38 years old). Being invited back to teach certain modules was certainly a daunting honour. I have now done this over the last 4 years.

Over the last 8 years, I have been hopping back and forth to NZ, visiting family. Every time I set foot back in NZ I feel a calling to come back and stay….and so I have.

I’m now back and ready to collaborate and work, but more importantly have fun doing what we do best, making films.

I’m happy to film high-budget commercials just as much as promos for local businesses, short films to long form features and even live events.

I own a lot of my own equipment from Cinema cameras to a range of lenses and all sorts of lighting equipment.

Western Bay of Plenty

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I find it is always better either as 1 to 1 or small groups where they either want certain advice or hands-on experience with certain cameras and lights. Showing certain techniques and helping to build an understanding of depth, colour, texture both with the use of lighting and composition. Alongside this explaining, the importance of collaborating with other Heads of departments onset such as Production Design, Hair & Makeup, SFX, and the ever-growing VFX workflow.