Rhianna McCormick-Burns 

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Rhianna McCormick-Burns 

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Rhianna May is a self-taught Artist painting from her home in Mount Maunganui. Using traditional methods she paints captivating still life and vibrant portraits that celebrate the individuality of her subjects.

Rhianna has always held an intrigue with faces and the stories they hold. Throughout her twenties Rhianna spent her time traveling to lively and culturally diverse destinations. She found herself developing a deep fascination with unique beauty. Encouraged by her experiences and the people she’d meet along the way, she began filling a small sketchbook inspired by what she found beautiful.

Returning home to New Zealand in 2016, Rhianna began to re-create these sketches as vibrant oil paintings. Her hope is to create artworks that allow others to experience the same brilliance she has been privileged to observe. Rhianna is available for a limited number of commissions each year.

Mount Maunganui

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