Valda Niederer 

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Valda Niederer 

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My European ‘consciousness’ has developed since childhood; my family had a great respect for history. My tupuna (ancestry) includes the story of my great grandfather walking a thousand miles from northeast Switzerland to Hamburg to gain passage on a ship to New  Zealand. As a young woman I was fortunate to live in a Long Island Jewish community. From my first journey to Verrocchio Art Centro, near Siena, in 1997, the director, a maestro sculptor himself, informed my thinking. For 20 years he took me to churches, towns and piazzi, crammed with art. My own journeys in adulthood affirmed a European kinship; a contrast from the ‘young, suburban’ landscape around me. Exploration of things aged yet restored is a focus of mine – the ability to be repaired – paralleling the human condition of breakdown and renewal reappears in my work. Antique constructions of medieval villages are the origins of my concepts. The mastery of the pre-industrial era buildings, created by artisans centuries ago, command my attention. The consequential asymmetry from this craftmanship fascinates me. The eternal loving restoration; and the fully inhabitable condition of these buildings is awesome. Residing inside these walls provides a sense of permanence, and yet animation with locals enacting their lives within them

For me, the act of making art is enormously physical and emotional. The world is viewed in sensory terms and this expression of texture and tactility was initially a component of my mixed media paintings for 20 years. Now, a lateral shift of making aged buildings in 3D is a natural progression. Recycled metal, perspex and copper are my main materials – all gifted by generous local tradesmen in my domicile of Mount Maunganui.

It has also been a privilege being asked to donate works for fundraising activities over two decades.

Connected interests:

Member French NZ Chamber of Commerce since 1998

Member Dante Alighiera Society since 1999

Local Artist Award, Molly Morpeth Art Awards

Exec. Committee Auckland Museum 1997 – 2000 (rebuild of Atrium)

Works exhibited:

London, Sydney, Noumea, cities of Aotearoa New Zealand


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