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Vicki Fraser 

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I’m Vicki Fraser, a self-taught artist, living in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

My work explores the scenes around me, capturing moments in time and anything that catches my attention. I work in an ‘abstracted realism’ style, with flat brushes and thick, juicy brushstrokes.

I found my love for painting while at college where it was definitely my favourite subject. My Grandmother gifted me her painting gear, including a set of oil paints and some linseed oil and I’ve been hooked ever since.

The colours, smells and creamy textures make oil paints my favourite medium by far.

My colour palette is inspired by the stunning landscape of New Zealand. The warm, earthy neutrals muted blue tones from the sea, soft greens from the bush and the odd zingy pop just for fun.

I am inspired by many artists’ work that I see and I soak up and study anything and everything to do with art. I am excited to be a part of the local artist community and look forward to sharing ideas and working together.

I love my home and am passionate about creating a unique and welcoming place for all who come. I love to create art that brings joy, treasures a moment, or just has that something special about it. I hope to share this with you too and bring something special to your home and lives.


Awards, shows, and exhibitions:

Winner of the 2020 BOP Garden and Arts Festival Emerging Artist Award
Finalist for the 2022 Miles Art Awards shown at Tauranga Art Gallery
Group show 2022 at People’s Gallery 113 exhibition
BOP Garden and Arts Festival 2022 displaying artist
Finalist for the 2023 Molly Morpeth Canaday Award

Phone: 0275311599
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