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The Purple Lab – Phreaze Factory

Wazaaaaahhhh! I am a female Hip hop Artist, Youth & Community Worker, Entrepreneur & Mama ‘Phreaze’. The Purple Lab is a part of my Phreaze Factory umbrella, and another step towards a long-term vision of a larger Hiphop/Creative Arts Centre in Tauranga! After many years of working in communities both in Australia and Aotearoa, wheeling my portable recording studio suitcase around from Youth & Community Centres to Events & Corporate Groups, I discovered the importance of providing access to, developing and promoting better understanding of raw art forms in communities.

Being the first of its kind in the Bay of Plenty – you are probably wondering, what exactly IS The Purple Lab? Simply put, it is a digital creative space featuring 8 individual stations equipped with tools for Beatmaking, Audio Recording, Garment & Sign Making, Graphic Design and more! The Purple Lab also houses an audio recording booth, a projector and screen, midi keyboards, tutor computer and more!

Unit 7, 15 Roxanne Place, Poike, Tauranga

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